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Having a hard time with my own DC

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Panadbois Thu 16-May-13 17:11:06

and wondering why on earth did I think I could look after other people's kids too? hmm

DS has exams (mocks) this week and didn't tell me so has done zero studying.

DD has a love hate relationship with me and would rather go live with her friend who's mother would let them do anything cos I'm too strict.

LO has decided at 25 months that she no longer needs an afternoon nap which I depend on for a breather

My house is upside down.
I'm fed up. I'm sad. I'm hard done by! Husband works long hours and I am going insane with boredom. [bad foster carer emotion]

And I'm due on :'(

NotmylastRolo Thu 16-May-13 20:08:12

Put the kettle on and I'll be round in a mo with a truck load of chocolate and some cream cakes and biscuits!
Sounds like you have had an overdose of caring and worrying about your tribe of cherubs that only a serious sugar intake can ease.
Bad luck for both of you that your foster LO has given up her nap. Boy oh boy does it sound like you need this time. She will probably be grumpy by dinner time. 25 months is early to give up the after lunch sleep. At least it may make you smile if she falls asleep face down in the remains of her dinner as they do look cute covered in dinner!
Is she due to go to nursery soon? Our local nursery takes LO's as soon as they are toilet trained but regions do differ.

NotmylastRolo Thu 16-May-13 20:14:12

Oops! Posted too soon!
I was going on to say that if fostered LO is at nursery I bet you will feel the benefit and so will your own DC's as you will get a little bit of your life back.

Panadbois Thu 16-May-13 21:53:11

Aahh, thanks for the chocs, and I've not taken the last one by the way wink

LO feel asleep straight away tonight when DH put her down (I had already gone for a lie down!)

I am very hormonal at the minute, I should ask my GP if i'm menopausal but really don't want to go see him again.(Thyroid and B12 levels fine)

I'm having four nights away with DH next week, so a well deserved break.

thanks for the sympathy - it helps smile

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