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Fostering teens

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iheartmycat Sat 16-Feb-13 03:43:01

Hi, I'm just starting to look into fostering. I work part time at the moment - if I were to foster teens, would I be able to continue working or would I have to be at home all day? Also, would I be able to specify that I,d prefer to foster kids aged about ten upwards, rather than little ones?


waffletog Tue 26-Feb-13 22:19:22

Hi - Good for you wanting to foster - I have a 12 yr old who has been with me for the last year, I work full time as well!! When I started 4 yrs ago did respite for special needs - was suggested (or told by SW) I would be having children younger than my own child who was 10 and also of school age due to work. This doesn't always happen had some 28 days for older ones. Talk to the SW when they visit and specify what you would like to do. If your LA is anything like mine they have more children that carers and mostly older children.

iheartmycat Wed 27-Feb-13 00:59:13

Thanks for the response! Relieved to know it may be possible. My partner works away from home for set periods but when he,s home he,s at home all day, if you see what I mean, so half of the time there would be someone around all day. I just think we have the room, the energy, the time to focus on a child.....who wouldn't do it???! (My parents fostered when I was growing up, maybe this affected my thinking, lol!)

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