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Application form for level 1

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angel31dust Mon 22-Nov-10 23:17:27

Hi anyone done a level 1 form for panel? Apparently I will have to shortly. Not everyone does these but I have to??? Anyone know what this is all about and what it entails? Thanks in advance x

NanaNina Mon 29-Nov-10 23:39:32

Angel - I don't know what it is after 30 years in fostering! Mind I've been retired a few years now. My advice is to ask your social worker. I am often surprised at things people seem reluctant to ask their sw. Don't forget that foster carers are like gold dust and you are providing a much needed service to children, and social workers are there to answer any queries you have or support, advise in any way possible.

angel31dust Tue 30-Nov-10 09:15:00

My sw doesn't seem to see us that way more like we should be so lucky. I find it hard to relax around him. He thinks I am one of those people that think they are always right. I have no idea why he assumes that of me. If I am quiet then I lack confidence in my own ability if I am confident in my answers then I am deemed as a know it all.

maypole1 Tue 30-Nov-10 15:18:16

oh dear, well fingers crossed he leave for pastures new very soon

NanaNina Tue 30-Nov-10 20:52:33

Angel - hate to say this but I have met quite a few male sws who are plonkers (and some female ones of course)What makes you think that he thinks you are always right - has he said as much, inferred it, or is it just what you think he thinks?

Has he suggested that you lack confidence in your own ability if you are quiet, or again is this just the impression you get.

Whatever, the fact that you are not relaxed with him is a problem. I suggest you do one of the following things: (I take it you are being assessed)

Be honest with him - tell him you are not relaxed and talk about the know all/lacking confidence thing, and stress this is a real dilemma for you. Ask him of his impressions of you and your ability as a carer (which is what he is assessing)

If nothing changes:

You could talk to his team manager and state your concerns. If he/she has a grain of sense, they will want to try to resolve these difficulties.

There is a complaints procedure which you can follow.

And ask him what this Level Form 1 is about!

I was a fostering sw and tm mgr for a fostering & adoption team for over 25 years (now semi retired) and it sounds to me as though this bloke is insecure and is projecting that on to you. I wonder how many assessments he has done. You may behis first and he is anxious about it. You could get into a general conversation and ask him how long he has been in sw and how many a/ments has he done.

Come on Angel stand up for yourself NOW because you will meet all kinds of sws in your fosterinf career and they will all of course be different and some DO look down on foster carers (should be fired imediately in my book) but there you go.

angel31dust Tue 30-Nov-10 21:06:40

He was a foster carer for years then went to do this job. He has been doing the assessments for years. He said he thinks I believe myself to always be right and his concern is that people like me never see their faults. I tried to explain that I am not at all like that. That I am confident in saying I know something when I am sure of it. But would never suggest I know everything. He said he found that dificult to believe of me. Or words to that effect. He is the only assessor in my area. He says he gave me level 1 form as I used to be a child minded but as I don't have any qualifications in childcare he is not sure if it is worthwhile filling it out now. It can be very difficult for me to comunicate with dominant males as my past dictates me to surrender as such. Thanks nananina x

fishtankneedscleaning Tue 30-Nov-10 23:37:24

I have been fostering for 20 years and I have never heard of a Level 1 form.

I have worked with lots of very good social workers, and also some right twits!

I agree with NanaNina you need to let him know how you feel and ask him to give examples of what you have said for him to come to the conclusion that you think you are always right. And also for exammples of when you seem to lack confidence in your own ability. These two statements seem to be a contradiction in terms.

NanaNina Wed 01-Dec-10 23:21:55

Hi angel - fishtank has raised an interesting point - that he is making two contradictory statements. If he is dominant - he is a rubbish social worker, and again I believe that people who want to dominate do so from their own anxieties, insecurities. How far are you along the assessment process. You could ask a friend/relative to be with you (unless you are a couple) but I somehow sense you are applying as a single carer, to give you some moral support. I was always happy for someone of the applicant's choosing to be present.

It's also a pity that you have a problem with dominant males, because of your own past, as being submissive will give him more licence to dominate. He sounds very mixed up, as he seems to be perceiving you as someone who you are not. YOU are an expert on yourself not him.

You don't come across at all as some "know all" and I think the problem is his, not yours. If you are nearing the end and he is going to recomment you, then maybe you just stick it out, but if you are near the beginning I think you might have to talk to his team manager. You never know, others may have problems with him too. Do you have the opportunity to meet with experienced foster carers (this should happen as part of the training course) cus if so, they can usually give you the lowdown on all the social workers.

If this bloke just does assessments, you may be rid of him once approved, but there is a chance that he is also a link worker, and so you could end up with him as your link worker and that wouldn't be a good thing for you. Anyway one step at a time.

I think as fishtank says, you could ask him for examples of what you have said to make him think that you think you are always right and also examples of when you seem to lack confidence. Social work these days has to be evidenced based, so this is quite a good thing to put to him. If he is going to make those kind of statements in his report, he is going to have to evidence them.

You don't need to be confrontational, you could be "puzzled" (a good word for when you mean pissed off!) and mention evidence based social work and it would be "interesting" for him to be able to give examples etc.

Let us know how you get on.

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