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jenk1 Fri 12-Aug-05 13:27:04

in my veg box today were some courgettes, i have never cooked with them and are at a loss of what to make can anyone help?

Lonelymum Fri 12-Aug-05 13:36:50

I just eat mine plain as a veggie.

They are good for concealing in tomato based sauces if you have fussy eaters in the house (pureed I mean).

beetroot Fri 12-Aug-05 13:38:39

Message withdrawn

Cybermum Fri 12-Aug-05 13:44:32

or you could roast them. Chop them into chunks with cherry tomatos and er... butternut squash.. or.. onions.. whatever you've got - add olive oil and roast for 20/30mins.

MarsLady Fri 12-Aug-05 13:51:51

you can make courgette muffins.

ChaCha Fri 12-Aug-05 15:46:51

Stuff 'em!!!!

But it is very time consuming. I love stuffed peppers, courgettes and tomatoes.

You could also make courgettes (sliced) in a bechamel sauce for the oven.

sallystrawberry Fri 12-Aug-05 15:56:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NannyL Fri 12-Aug-05 17:34:06

they are my charges alll time fav veg...

i simply chop them thinly, about 1 - 2mmm thick, and put them in a pan of already boiling water for 3 mins max... TBH its normally on top of the vegablea already in the pan that are already cooking.... carrots / broccolli / peas / sweetcorn...

i just chick them on top (to save washing up... still 3 mins max tho)

if they are lucky they get a little butter melted on... if not eat them as they are!

VERY yummy!

SaintGeorge Fri 12-Aug-05 17:45:44

Courgette crisps are nice.

Use a veg peeler to slice them really thinly and then deep fry.

spacedonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 17:56:24

Lovely in a frittata - slice fairly thinly and fry in olive oil until browning at the edges, then pour in some beaten eggs, some fresh breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. Delicious.

harpsichordcarrier Fri 12-Aug-05 18:01:44

courgette and watercress soup, if you have enough

Tinker Fri 12-Aug-05 18:03:36

Chocolate and courgette cake is gorgeous.

spacedonkey Fri 12-Aug-05 18:05:47

ooh yes they make a lovely cake! Not had one with chocolate though - the one I had was similar to a carrot cake, only more moist and delectable. Drool.

cod Fri 12-Aug-05 18:06:54

Message withdrawn

fairyfly Fri 12-Aug-05 18:11:41

Jamie oliver does a gorgeous courgette smash thing to spread on toasted ciabatta, will see if its online

shimmy21 Fri 12-Aug-05 18:15:47

As a side dish - griddle thin lengthwise slices in olive oil and toss with a little chopped mint, splash of vinegar and pinch of salt - mmm!

Milge Fri 12-Aug-05 18:29:46

make courgette, pea and mint soup - really yum and can be served cold in the summer like a vichysoisse:
Chop an onion and fry, add a chopped up potato and fry for a further minute or two. Add chopped up courgette and fry until they have browned.
Add as much stock ( veg or chicken) as you need, then simmer gently for 15mins. Add frozen peas and dried mint and cook for a further 10 mins adding more stock if you need. Add s&p to taste if required. Whizsz in a blender and serve warm or cold. If cold, i add a swirl of single cream to it.

moondog Fri 12-Aug-05 18:32:30

Fry up onions,garlic and chilli. Add courgettes sliced lengthways,fry briefly,adding some cumin. Finish with a good squeeze of lemon. Great with grilled lamb,very thick tzatziki and brown rice.

sallystrawberry Fri 12-Aug-05 18:36:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IlanaK Fri 12-Aug-05 19:32:02

I made them last night (also from organic box) in the way Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall does. SLiced thinly, fried in olive oil and garlic on a LOW heat so they do not brown, but they go very soft (at least 20 mminutes). Then sort o f mash up with a potatoe masher roughly. Add some grated parmesan and a spoon or two of cream. Really lovely and the whole family liked it.

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