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Lumps vs Puree

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Pancake Tue 24-Jun-03 13:25:58

Help! My ds2 is nearly 9 months old and is a "reflux" baby! He eats very well but will still only have very pureed food and will not touch anything with lumps and he also wont eat finger food. Has anyone got any advice on how to move him on to lumpier food or finger food? I had no problem with ds1 so I'm feeling a bit lost.


butterflymum Tue 24-Jun-03 13:44:37

Hi pancacke,

My first two sons had "reflux" and I found that this became less noticable (and eventually ended) very soon after starting them on solids (between 4-6mths as I was b/f them).

It is very important to try and get him away from just purees as this may be prolonging his problem (assume he still has reflux - is he on gaviscon or anything?) and also as it is important for baby's muscle development in jaw etc (for speech etc) to chew.

Have you tried the usual ie introduce lumpier textures over a gradual period, use finger foods such as rice cakes, breadsticks, pieces of cheese etc?

What does your HV suggest?

eidsvold Tue 24-Jun-03 18:47:21

Our dd has problems with lump food etc... she is now 11 months and slowly eating food with a bit more texture although not a lot of finger food. Have you tried something like butternut squash mashed or mashed potato or banana so it is a different texture to the puree but not too lumpy. Dd loves someo f the 7n month spaghetti bol bottles or there is an organic apricot lamb and potato. She also manages an apple/banana porridge organix range. There is bits of apple and she copes with a little chewing. We are slowly trying finger food with little sucesses.


runragged Tue 24-Jun-03 19:44:14

What about the butterfly soup pasta cooked until it's really soggy and then if he takes that just reduce the cooking time gradually. My two ate well but both loved this as a transition as it is easier to swallow than rice. You could try baby organix baby pasta but I never got to grips with cooking it as it always disolved into nothing so soup pasta was a good alternative.

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