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Ready-made sarnies - do they have to be eaten on day of purchase?

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dinosaur Fri 01-Jul-05 12:44:13

We're going to the zoo tomorrow. I was planning to make a picnic for the DSs and just buy some sandwiches from Tesco/M&S for me and DH.

Question: if I buy sandwiches from Tesco this afternoon, will they still be okay to eat tomorrow lunchtime?

anteater Fri 01-Jul-05 12:51:46

I make sandwiches with frozen bread, nice and fresh when its time to eat... could you freeze them??

SoupDragon Fri 01-Jul-05 12:53:45

They usually have a date on them - usually Ok for the next day I thought.

angelkiss Fri 01-Jul-05 12:54:04

what's the sell by date? i'm sure if you kept them in the fridge they'll be fine (maybe not as good as today but not dangerous...just be careful what filling you choose...maybe stay away from prawn??)

Tommy Fri 01-Jul-05 13:29:12

I think the date on them (esp from Tesco) is the day after. My DH does this sometimes when he can't be botherred to make his sarnies!

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