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Any idaes what I can put in a tortilla wrap...

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elsmommy Tue 21-Jun-05 10:57:25

when dp doesn't eat...

tomatos (or salsa)
mushrooms ???

Hes a picky eater

And what could I serve them with (for our evening meal) instead of chips?

QueenOfQuotes Tue 21-Jun-05 10:58:55

ANYTHING - honestly you can put anything you like in them.

fireflyfairy2 Tue 21-Jun-05 10:59:43

Chicken sliced up, some Mayo and lettuce?

Marinade the chicken in some peri peri sauce and it will be lovely...

what about potato wedges instead of chips? Or super noodles

zebraZ Tue 21-Jun-05 11:00:29

butter and jam.
marmite and butter.
baked beans.
Anything you would put on bread, really.

hayleylou Tue 21-Jun-05 11:00:31

colslaw, salad, chicken

desperatehousewife Tue 21-Jun-05 11:00:53

grated cheddar cheese, lettuce, griddled or grilled chicken breast?

Hummous and salad.

chinese stips of lean pork with leaves?

scrambled eggs with bacon bits.


peanut butter and chopped banana

avacado and salad

falafal and salad and hummous.

philly and ham.

Anything that you would put in a sandwich really.

elsmommy Tue 21-Jun-05 11:01:24

Mmmmmm super noodles.....

I've actually got some peri peri sauce!!!

QueenEagle Tue 21-Jun-05 11:01:49

My kids make up all sorts of concoctions. This is their fave at the moment:

Spread houmous on the wrap. Rocket salad, pieces of chopped falafel, pieces of feta cheese, kidney beans. Add dressing of your choice to moisten it a bit.

Mine eat it as a snack or instead of sandwiches in their packed lunches.

sandyballs Tue 21-Jun-05 11:02:15

I'm just eating one at work from Pret and it is full of tuna, spring onions, olives, capers, lettuce and a bit of mayo - delicious, wish I'd got two now

alux Tue 21-Jun-05 11:02:20

cheese, then grill a little for a melt.
refried beans and cheese.

oliveoil Tue 21-Jun-05 11:02:53

Put one wrap in pan (dry pan, no oil)
Sprinkle over peppers, red onion, cheese and tuna.
Squish another wrap on the top and cook both sides (turn over carefully).
Slice into triangles.
Allow to cool as the cheese can get hot!

Delete peppers if your little one doesn't eat them obv.

I do these all the time for my fussy little beeper and she doesn't normally turn her pretty nose up.


QueenFlounce Tue 21-Jun-05 11:03:19

Rocket and Basil leaves,
fresh mozzarella,
a sprinkle of parmesan,
chopped spring onion
a handful of Pine Nuts....

with a drizzle of garlic Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar!


elsmommy Tue 21-Jun-05 11:16:12

Lots and lots of ideas!!!!

Thank You

Kelly1978 Tue 21-Jun-05 11:34:31

mexicans use cheese and chorozio, folded and fried then cut into triangles - apparently their equivilant of cheee on toast! Delicious with jalapenos and salsa, dp can have them wihtout tho.

Kelly1978 Tue 21-Jun-05 11:35:50

if they were going be doen as a meal, I'd make some mexican rice to have with them.

NotQuiteCockney Tue 21-Jun-05 11:39:57

As alux suggests, please please please fry or grill them. I put them in a dry or nearly dry frying pan and just brown them a bit. They're soooo much tastier browned, with or without cheese on them.

We have ours with cheese and guacamole, mostly. Sometimes refried beans. But you can have them with just about everything.

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