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Can I give an [almost] 10 month old a bit of suet dumpling?

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Bambinoloveseggbirds Sun 25-Oct-09 16:17:33

I currently have a couple of stews in the oven (one for DH and I and one with a low salt stock cube for DS). DH and I plan to have dumplings with ours and he just asked if I was going to do a little extra one for DS. I have no idea? Packet of atora [sp] says "sodium trace" and obviously I won't be adding salt. Would it be ok do you think?

Many thanks smile

Guimuahahahahahaaaaaaa Sun 25-Oct-09 16:21:58

Sounds fine to me!

ShinyAndNew Sun 25-Oct-09 16:26:39

I can't see why it would be a problem.

Bambinoloveseggbirds Sun 25-Oct-09 16:31:26

Many thanks smile

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