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Lamb cut that isn't too strong in flavour?!

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Mimi1977 Mon 12-Oct-09 11:08:53

I used to eat quite a lot of lamb chops when I was little and really enjoyed them but have since gone off the taste of things like lamb mince which is too strong and fatty. I had a bit of my husbands lamb at a restaurant at the weekend and it was sensational - didn't taste like lamb at all. What cut would you say is the best that isn't too strong in it's taste and what's the best way to cut it. I should have asked the chef what cut it was but didn't.

BlingLoving Mon 12-Oct-09 11:23:35

Like with any meat, I'd say it's more about the way you cook it than the cut of meat in terms of base flavour. If you liked lamb chops as a child, you probably still will, especially if you ensure you buy ones with less fat, or cut the fat off yourself. Mince is often the less good quality bits of the meat, and as you say, tends to be quite fatty, so isn't a good way to get a real taste for the meat underneath. You could also try an old fashioned roast leg of lamb, which done right is delicious and also not too fatty.

Do you eat other meats or just not lamb? If you do, any kind of slow cooked lamb dish might be nice - the flavour tends to be meaty but less strong but be careful not to buy meat that's too fatty.

Mimi1977 Mon 12-Oct-09 11:34:43

I love beef and chicken but am a bit faddy, for example with chicken I'm not very keen on the brown meat and when it comes to steak I'm more of a fillet than a rump girl!

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