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My cookies never rise and end up a squishy messy uni-cookie

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EverySingleStar Thu 08-Oct-09 23:11:59


Without fail, no matter what I try, my cookies just don't turn into cookies in the oven. They spread super-far out and melt into a rivery uni-cookie.

I have tried:

Less butter
Less melted butter
Solid butter

More baking soda/powder
LOTS more baking powder/soda
More and different types of flour (usually use self-raising PLUS baking powder)

Different sugars
More egg

Help sad I love cookies to death but can't make them. I can make an excellent cake but it's such a faff! Help needed from expert cookie-makers.

EverySingleStar Thu 08-Oct-09 23:12:48

blush Stupid computer.

bringonthetrumpets Fri 09-Oct-09 05:28:09

Have you tried changing the temp that you're baking them at? It sounds like you might need a lower temp with a little more time for cooking. No expert, but sounds like the next thing to try tweaking with.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Fri 09-Oct-09 06:00:18

I use this recipe

It has honestly never failed me.

it does make loads but I tend to split the mixture and make 2 different types and then stick some in the freezer.

LolaAnn Fri 09-Oct-09 11:54:40

It actually sounds ike your temperature is too low.

Another thing to try is to refridgerate the cookie dough before placing it on the cold tray, then make sure your oven is preheated to the right temperature (whack it up a few deg by the sound of it) and you should be good to go.

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