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Honey roast parsnips/sweet potato - have I done this right?

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In an endeavour to get my toddler to eat more veg I thought roasting them in honey might make them more appealing.

I've chopped up a couple of parsnips and a couple of sweet potato into bitesized cubes, drizzled on some oil and some honey, mixed, then transferred to a baking tray.

I would normally add some salt, pepper, herbs etc but I don't want anything to put him off trying the veg so we'll add our seasoning after.

I've bunged them in at at 200, not sure how long to cook them for, or if I should have parboiled the parsnips first. I'm not a very good cook- help! does this sound ok to you?

StirlingNeedsAHoliday Sun 04-Oct-09 19:12:15

Sounds great! How did they come out?

I do something like that but with a drizzle of maple syrup smile

Ooh I bet maple syrup would have been nicer!

They were okay, cooked very quick in cubes so I had to put foil over them after 15 minutes, I'm battle with morning sickness at the moment so after doing them I didn't fancy them! ds (2.2) didn't touch them, even when I said they were chips! hmm

Luckily I'd also made mash and peas. All he'll bloody eat is peas and sweetcorn, it's annoying! I'll just have to keep trying.

overmydeadbody Mon 05-Oct-09 10:08:10

Nothing wrong with peas and sweetocrn!

I would have parboiled the parsnips, and then roasted them just in the oil and added the honey for the last ten minutes of cooking (the sugar in the honey can burn otherwise, leaving the veg looing blackened, which can be offputting for small childrne)

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