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I have some mutton shoulder. Any suggestions/tips?

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Stubbyfingers Wed 16-Sep-09 15:17:42

I've never cooked mutton before so thought I'd do a curry with it.

Does it take longer to cook than lamb, and anyone got any lovely recipes?

Thanks y'all

StirlingIsFedUpOfTheRain Wed 16-Sep-09 16:08:13

I believe mutton needs to be slow cooked. Are you going to leave it on the bone?

Jamie has a fantastic slow cooked Lamb Shoulder recipe that I have done lots - I would have thought it would work well with mutton too. Can find the recipe if you are interested smile

Stubbyfingers Wed 16-Sep-09 16:13:27

It's actually boned and rolled but I thought I would untie it and cube it.

I would be interested in the Jamie recipe, which book is it in? I have some of his books but not all. Thanks smile

MakemineaGandT Wed 16-Sep-09 16:14:51

Stirling - I've done that recipe with mutton - it was lovely

(Stubby - it's from Jamie at Home)

StirlingIsFedUpOfTheRain Wed 16-Sep-09 16:37:58

Oh, the one I use is in Jamie's Dinners. He gives the recipe and then 3 options on using the leftovers.

I have just searched online for it but I dont think it is available.

I should be able to post it later smile

colditz Wed 16-Sep-09 16:40:06

I'd curry it.

colditz Wed 16-Sep-09 16:40:50

Where did you get the mutton from, stubby? I LOVE mutton.

OtterInaSkoda Wed 16-Sep-09 16:41:29

Where do you all get your mutton from? I don't think I've seen it for sale here since about 1976(!). I'd love to get hold of some for making Caribbean curries and rogan josh.

Stubbyfingers Wed 16-Sep-09 17:08:40

I got it from this site which I saw on Nigella's website and it's not cheap! Don't know about the quality as haven't tried it yet.

Thanks G&T I'll have a look at that one. I don't have Jamie's dinners though so Stirling I'd be grateful if you wouldn't mind posting it. Thanks.

StirlingIsFedUpOfTheRain Wed 16-Sep-09 22:15:08

Slow Cooked Shoulder of Lamb with Roasted Veg

2.25kg Lamb/Mutton Shoulder
whole bulb of garlic broken into cloves
handful fresh rosemary
2 red onions, peeled & quartered
3 carrots peeled & roughly chopped
2 sticks celery roughly chopped
1 large leek, trimmed & chopped
handful of ripe tomatoes
2 bay leaves
handful fresh thyme
2 x 400g tins good tomatoes
bottle red wine

preheat oven to 200c/400f/gas 6
Rub meat with olive oil, sea salt & black pepper.
make incisions in meat & insert rosemary & garlic - Put in large casserole dish.
Throw in garlic, onions, carrot, celery, leeks & fresh tomatoes. Put rest of herbs in and pour tinned tomatoes in followed by wine (I usually use 1/2 wine and 1/2 stock).
Put into oven, turn temp down straight away to 170c/325f/gas 3 and cook for 3.5 to 4 hrs or until the meat is soft & sticky pulls apart easily.

My mouth is now watering - this is gorgeous smile

millenniumfalcon Wed 16-Sep-09 22:17:58

ok hands up who else thought this was a style and beauty thread blush

TheDailyStale Wed 16-Sep-09 22:19:21

Milleniumfalcon - I thought it was an injury that only an osteopath could rectify. grin

Stubbyfingers Wed 16-Sep-09 22:21:33

Thanks Stirling, that looks blummin good!

colditz Wed 16-Sep-09 22:23:17

JEEZUS frigging christ almighty, that is some expensive meat!

Go ask a farmer to sell you a sheep and have it butchered yourself?

SomeGuy Thu 17-Sep-09 04:20:32

Donald Russell is OBSCENE. Everything on that site is a rip-off. I hates it. It's pushed by Delia and such like cos they get commissions from them, but the cost is obscene.

You can get mutton from a Halal butcher or Pakistani shop selling meat. Should be about £5 or £6/kg I think.

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