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French cookbook wanted !

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I'd like to try doing a bit more french cooking(or french influenced/style - ie doesn't have to be absolutely authentique wink )

I want something for doing family dinners, rather than posh entertaining. I'm thinking bistro-type food, especially for the autumn/winter months.

I also quite like anecdotal and chatty cookbooks, but that's obviously not essential!

Does anyone have any recommendations?


sdr Wed 02-Sep-09 21:51:41

The French Kitchen by Joanne Harris (who wrote Chocolat) and Fran Warde. Has a lot of family meals and also some for occassions. This one is also chatty, I use it lots.

I was wondering whether that was any good - I like JH as an author.
Thanks! I think I will get it!

McDreamy Thu 03-Sep-09 20:57:45

I have that too - it's a very good book

jkklpu Thu 03-Sep-09 20:59:52

Larousse de la cuisine - it's an illustrated A to Z of French cooking. We have the French one but have given the English language version (a bit different but still a great reference book) to various people as a wedding present.

flyingcloud Fri 04-Sep-09 20:42:30

I'd like to recommend this:
The Food of France

I use it all the time, recipes are universally popular, I recommend things like oeufs en cocotte, blanquette de veau, mixed berry tartlets, quiches, tomates farcis, etc.

I had Larousse on our wedding list - but no-one bought it!

Am going to buy Joanne Harris I think.

meltedmarsbars Sat 05-Sep-09 18:01:17

The one I use most frequently (paperback with no pictures unfortunately) is Elizabeth Davids Provincial French Cooking. Its' fabulous and simple recipes are delicious every time.

Thanks for all the suggestions
Once I've chosen one and got it, I'll probably be on here asking for help again! wink

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