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In need of inpiration of what to serve with things....

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SandyChick Thu 27-Aug-09 21:18:07

Hello, im doing my meal plan for next week.

In the freezer i have haddock fish cakes and a few batches of chicken fillets which all need using up soon.

What can i serve with them instead of pasta, homemade chips/wedges or mash? I was going to bake the chicken in breadcrumbs & parmesan.

DS would live on pasta if i let him so im trying to avoid it as he eats far too much at the moment.

missmelly Thu 27-Aug-09 21:31:29

new potatoes

I made this yesteday, the chicken wasnt great as the parmesan stuck to the pan, but the veges were good. I served it with buttered anya potatoes

snickersnack Thu 27-Aug-09 21:38:12

Do you need anything with haddock fish cakes apart from veg? Maybe a couple of boiled potatoes on the side, but tbh I don't generally bother as they have potato in them.

Chicken curry with rice?

SandyChick Thu 27-Aug-09 21:42:32

mmm the courgettes look lovely. I'll give it a try. We'be been growing our own and im becoming abit sick of the sight of them but that recipee looks lovely. Think i'll still bake the chicken tho. Im hopeless at doing them in the pan. I make a similar thing to the chicken but use courgettes. They are surprisingly nice.

Mumcentreplus Thu 27-Aug-09 21:58:12

whats lovely is sliced chicken fillets with Grossman tomato & chilli sauce..fry them first with a little seasoning crushed black pepper,salt, paprika,oregano..some mushrooms and sliced red pepper,courgettes/green stuff..add sauce and simmer..can be eaten with rice (basmati is lovely),pasta sprinkle with cheese and salad/veg...very freezer friendly

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