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this may be asking a bit much but if any of you have the time it would be greatly appreciated

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mothersmilk Thu 13-Aug-09 13:45:38

im trying to do a meal planner for next week and im stummped or just too tired and lazy to think right now blush i need reasonably cheap un complicated (im feeling really lazy) low fat/cal food we'll eat anything and my store cubourd is pretty well stocked at the mo, any imput would be very much appreciated thankyou smile
there are 4 of us dh ds1 dd3 and me

notamumyetbutoneday Thu 13-Aug-09 13:58:05

a few healthy/reasonably cheap things we've done lately are:

- smoked salmon risotto
- mushroom risotto
- chickpea tagine and couscous
- teriyaki salmon and noodles
- paella
- chicken stufed with garlic and herb soft cheese ans sun dried tomatoes
- thai green chicken curry (not low fat but sooo delicious)
- lasagne- not low fat but delicious
- gammon/baco and cauliflower cheese (er not really low fat either)

notamumyetbutoneday Thu 13-Aug-09 13:58:43

spag bol of course
lentil and bacon soup (although more of a winter thing
bacon and avacado salad with croutons

shinyshoes Thu 13-Aug-09 16:33:54

spag bol.

Jacket potato with Chilli/cheese/coleslaw/tuna.

Sausage and mash (I only buy the high meat content ones. they work out around £2.00-£250 for 6. But i'm funny about things like that.)

Tuna pasta bake.

Pasta with bacon, onions, garlic, peppers (very little oil needed) and anything laying around in the fridge.

Whole chicken cooked in the slow cooker then have something to serve with it. see above re pasta and peppers etc.

Any meat and veg shoved in the slow cooker to cook all day (i'm a bit of a slow cooker fiend)

Suprise night!! this is one of my kids faves. this is meals that have been frozen because i've bulked cooked and we all get to choose a dish grin.

shepherds pie.

Egg, chips and beans. (using fry light and poato wedges homemade. sprayed with fry light in oven)

Lamb chunks with fresh mint, low fat youghurt and cucumber in a pitta.

Taco's (lean mince beef, salad, topped with salsa or yoghurt

Ham egg and chips. (again LF chips)

Salmon baked with dill and lemon with New pots and brocolli.

oven baked veg with chicken. Veg galore, peppers, toms, onions, carrots any veg that can roast really, drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper

Tortill a wraps (big bag of chcunks chicken breast from Iceland (£4.00) , wrap and have cucumber and salad leaves and salsa (this is generally homemade salsa although I have bought it in the past and the jar by Old El Paso is very good.)
stir fry.

any baked fish.

pasta with homemade sauce (tin toms and fresh basil).

these are mostly the things we have here at home. I like to keep it quite healthy for the children.

All chips are homemade by cutting the potatoes and cooking in as little oil as poss, ideally fry light.
Minced beef is always lean and drained of fat before making the dish.
all sausages or organic or very good quality I don't tend to buy any that are lower than 85% pork.

The rest AFAIC is low fat.

MrsMattie Thu 13-Aug-09 21:01:50

Here's a couple of mine.

MON - Thai red chicken curry w/ rice
TUE - Veggie chilli con carne w/ tacos, salad & soured cream
WED - King prawn stirfry w/ egg noodles
THU - Grilled salmon w/ new potatoes & steamed veg
FRI - Veggie curry, dahl, bombay potatoes w/ wholemeal pitta bread, salad, mango chutney and raita
SAT - Omelette, chips & salad
SUN - Roast chicken with roast sweet potatoes & steamed veg

TUE - Tuna Nicoise made with fresh grilled tuna
WED - Chickpea tagine with roasted veg & cous cous
THU - Chicken fajitas
FRI - Thai green fish curry with rice
SAT - Homemade hamburgers, potato wedges, corn on the cob & salad
SUN - Fish & chips

Reesie Thu 13-Aug-09 21:38:39

Here's my fortnight plan.

MON - Mash, sausage and beans
TUE - soup and homemade bread (well ok - breadmaker wink
Wed - veg chilli
THU - pasta bake
Fri - Veg/quorn stir fry and noodles
Sat - Salmon, potato wedges and peas
Sun - Fahita's

Mon - Home made quorn lasagnia and pot wedges
Tue - Chicken or ham salad with new pot, cous cous, coleslaw etc
WED - Spag bol
Thur - Veg pie (ready made puff pastry with roasted veg, feta cheese and oregano on top then chuck back into oven), roast new pot and runner beans
Fri - Home made curry and rice
Sat - Cod with home made batter and pot wedges and brown sauce (dd's fav meal)
Sun - A new recipe that I haven't tried before or something to use up any left over ingrediants

Not sure if it's that low fat - but all really quick meals to cook and prepare.

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