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death by lentils

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plus3 Mon 10-Aug-09 10:05:43

Does anybody know if I can still use some puy lentils that expired in feburary 09? Thanks!

19fran76 Mon 10-Aug-09 10:11:07

I would, but then I'm remarkably courageous grin

StirlingTheTired Mon 10-Aug-09 15:28:02

Yes! What's the worst that could happen??


meltedmarsbars Tue 11-Aug-09 07:23:38

They are dried to preseve them: unless they are visibly mouldy or stinky, then you have been successfully preserving them: I'd eat them, in a salad with chopped tomato, spring onion, vinaigrette......mmmm

plus3 Tue 11-Aug-09 18:47:23

My plan was a salad with feta cheese, sunblush tomatoes, yellow pepper, olive oil and balasmic vinegar!!

They look fine, so the salad will proceed..thank you ladies!

YouLukaAmazing Tue 11-Aug-09 18:49:03

Message withdrawn

19fran76 Tue 11-Aug-09 21:18:17

God bless lentils, they are so satisfying grin

NoBiggy Tue 11-Aug-09 21:19:53

Best before dates should always be ignored. It's a bloody SCAM I tell you!

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