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BubblesDeVere Fri 22-Apr-05 17:32:29

Cook pork chops, with the bone, rind on etc..

I have just discovered a fab farm shop near us and they had some gorgeous pork chops on so I have got some for tonights tea.

How do I cook them, never done them before, just want to do them really plain.

cod Fri 22-Apr-05 17:34:07

Message withdrawn

WigWamBam Fri 22-Apr-05 17:36:44

Dh likes them pan fried. Small amount of oil in a frying pan, sear them for a minute on each side, throw in some chopped mushrooms, peppers, leeks and or courgettes, add stock and a splash of wine, cover with lid (or baking tray) and simmer for 20 minutes.

thedogmother Fri 22-Apr-05 17:37:18

Grill em with some apple sauce, mmm they're lovely.

BubblesDeVere Fri 22-Apr-05 17:38:11

Oooooh wwb, that sounds lovely. Thanks alot everyone

WigWamBam Fri 22-Apr-05 17:44:58

Another of dh's favourites: grill them, they take about 20 minutes depending on how big they are, when the second side is almost cooked, spread some marmalade on them and put them back under the grill.

You can also crumble some Stilton cheese on top for the last few minutes of grilling time as well.

Alternatively, if you've got better things to do than stand over the grill, stick them in a casserole dish with some sliced apple and onion, pour some pasta sauce over the top and stick them in the oven for about 40 minutes.

Don't know if you can tell that dh likes his pork chops ...

BubblesDeVere Fri 22-Apr-05 17:59:09

LOL I had guessed, I cannot believe that there was this lovely farm shop not 10 minutes from us, there are animals for the kids to feed, they do fresh bread every morning, home made icecream, cheese, chicken nuggets lasagne etc and have pets running round decking outside, its lovely, can't wait to go again.

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