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How long does cooked rice stay good in the fridge

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Elizap Tue 10-Mar-09 08:50:23

I cooked a batch of chicken and rice with veggies yesterday. How long will it stay ok in the fridge for? Cant remember exactly but isn't there sth funny about rice growing bacteria or sth???

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sazlocks Tue 10-Mar-09 08:57:16

I am always a bit funny about reheating cooked rice TBH. My DH however will eat it days afterwards with no ill effects or concern! I think if I was going to eat it I would just make sure it was re heated really well.

Elizap Tue 10-Mar-09 09:05:59

was going to dive it to my d, 20 months, for lunch. is this not a good idea? after cooking was out of the fridge for now nore than 2 hours. cant cook the rice again as was a casserol so all mixed together.

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Astrophe Tue 10-Mar-09 09:10:52

I seem to recall its about 2 days. Because of the high protein content its quite short, like meat (I think thats right?). There is always a lot of hoohar about sushi because of this - apparentlyu food poisoning from sushi take aways is quite common as some shops keep the rice too long.

I'd eat it the next day if reheated thoruoghly, and would also give it to the DC, but wouyld probably chuck it after that.

Feedtheducks Tue 10-Mar-09 09:25:20

Rice is a tricky one. I do keep and use next day but personally not any longer.

ShauntheSheep Tue 10-Mar-09 09:27:36

If I remember correctly the problem is if rice is kept warm for any reasonable period fo time bacteria will grow which give off a poison which will not be affected even by heating and so can cause food poisoning. However if the rice was chilled soon after cooking it will keep for easily 2/3 days.

Or something like that.

Nolda Tue 10-Mar-09 09:28:38

Food Standards Agency says:

It's not the reheating but the storage of the cooked rice that is the problem.

Bacillus cereus spores may be found in uncooked rice which can survive cooking. The spores then germinate into bacteria if the cooked rice is left at room temperature. The bacteria produces toxins which cause d & v if eaten. NB reheating doesn't get rid of toxins.

Cool cooked rice as quickly as possible and keep in the fridge for no longer than 1 day before reheating.

Feedtheducks Tue 10-Mar-09 09:35:54

i wouldn't risk it elizap. annoying but better safe than sorry with rice i think

frenchmonkeys Mon 11-Dec-17 01:27:18

Realize this is an old thread, bit lots of incorrect info here.

Cooked rice, if cooled and stored in an air tight container in the fridge, will be perfectly edible for 4-6 days, maybe longer if you have a modern, efficient (read expensive) fridge. In the freezer it will keep until the end of time, pretty much, but may not be as tasty after 6 months or so.

If the rice smells bad when you open it, or is slimy or miscoloured, discard it.

If left out after cooking, or kept warm, discard after a couple of hours.

Don't be tempted to just store in a bowl covered with cling film, or uncovered - it will not be safe to reheat after a couple of hours.

Rice does contain protein, but not much, certainly not a high protein food as suggested above. Cooked rice is approximately 3% protein. The risk is due to a rice specific bacteria that can be incubated if kept warm or if reheated after storing incorrectly: the resulting food poisoning can be extremely serious.

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