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laneydaye Fri 08-Apr-05 21:09:11

what can i do with it.....vegetarian...not too much fuss?

cheers xx

laneydaye Fri 08-Apr-05 21:14:57


WigWamBam Fri 08-Apr-05 21:22:41

I've only ever used it as a side-dish, chopped up into slices and fried in butter.

SamN Fri 08-Apr-05 21:24:04

you could slice it, grill it and eat with other grilled stuff - aubergines, peppers, cheese, tomatoes?

laneydaye Fri 08-Apr-05 21:25:11

just tried that with olives cheese and mushrooms on the top........not too sure about that

lucy5 Fri 08-Apr-05 21:39:07

when I worked in romania, they used to eat it with loads of oil and cottage cheese baked in the oven, I never liked it but there's no accounting for taste.

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