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Why does my sausage casserole always get a greasy layer on top making it inedible?

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Geepers Wed 28-Jan-09 10:28:15

I have tried various sausage casserole recipes in a bid to combat this, but can't seem to solve the problem.

I always brown the sausages first, draining away any water/fat, but when the casserole comes out of teh oven it has a thick, greasy layer on it rendering it uneatable. I know this isn't normal as it never used to happen but can't work out what I was doing differently back then.

I have tried various types of sausage, both fresh and frozen.

Maybe it's a sign I shouldn't be feeding my family sausages ;)

Bink Wed 28-Jan-09 10:30:29

You can get the greasy layer off by letting a sheet of kitchen roll sit on top to soak it up. Might need several sheets. Works best if you let it get a little cold, do the fat-soaking, then heat again.

PS - I was so sure your title said greasy lawyer !!

onebatmother Wed 28-Jan-09 10:32:34

It's also down to the quality of the sausages - frozen ones are pretty crap tbh. If you use the more expensive ones (finest, etc) it's not so bad, though it slightly defeats the frugality objective, doesn't it?

Cies Wed 28-Jan-09 10:33:29

I brown my sausages in a frying pan and then transfer them to the casserole dish where I've been sweating the vegetables or whatever. That seems to work for me.

notamumyetbutoneday Wed 28-Jan-09 17:10:30

Try grilling the sausages first? i do this before putting in a casserole and never had a problem

traceybath Wed 28-Jan-09 17:13:31

to echo onebat i think its probably the quality of the sausages - good ones shouldn't give out any type of watery stuff really.

i like the duchy organics ones which are about £2.75 got six - i then do a sausage casserole using lentils, butternut squash, tomatoes and herbs - absolutely delicious

SlightlyMadScotland Wed 28-Jan-09 17:17:03

It is the fat that has come out of the sausages.

If you put "pre-packed" sausages - irrespective of quality IMO - then you get oodles of fat out on a George Forman type griddle. You also get a layer of fat on the top of a casserol.

If I put butchers sausages on the griddge - I get no fat. Not a drop. Same in casserole.

<incidentanlly I plonk my sausages in raw - no browning at all>

Geepers Wed 28-Jan-09 18:56:31

Thanks everyone. Will give sausages from the butcher's a go, too, as not tried that.

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