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stuffed peppers . . . a couple of things I am confused about . . .

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lucysmam Sun 11-Jan-09 21:21:27

Do I stuff them then bake them? Yes I know it should be obvious but I haven't a clue & was going to put them on my meal plan for next week! & what kind of peppers do I use? again, should be obvious but I don't know . . .

Thank-you smile

thisisyesterday Sun 11-Jan-09 21:23:24

yes, stuff and then bake. you can use pretty much any pepper that's big enough to stuff

Megglevache Sun 11-Jan-09 21:23:25

I do.

I put a little bit of olive oil inside them beofre I stuff for fabour then load the stuffing and a bit more oil over the edges.

Yummy, must do some next week. I do a lovely one with smoked mackrel.

ib Sun 11-Jan-09 21:23:32

I use regular bell peppers, stuff then bake.

fryalot Sun 11-Jan-09 21:24:55

when I do stuffed peppers, I always cook the stuffing (I tend to use rice and chicken and veggies) then stuff the peppers, then add a teensy bit of oil to a baking tray and pop them in the oven for about 20 mins. I don't cook the peppers beforehand.

And any peppers will do, I've used the Tesco value ones and they turned out fine.

What I like to do sometimes is put a different coloured top on, so I'll put the green top on the red pepper, and the yellow top on the green pepper, with the red top going on the yellow pepper. Obviously this only works if you're doing more than one.


lucysmam Sun 11-Jan-09 21:27:39

cheers, I'll pop them on my list in that case! What do you put in them? Just out of interest

Pennies Sun 11-Jan-09 22:19:11

Megglevache would you mind sharing your smoked makerel recipe please? Thanks.

Megglevache Mon 12-Jan-09 19:15:04

Of course , no worries.

Oh it's just a made up one not Delia or Nigella but I love it grin I use whatever I have around but the main components

I mix together
cooked rice
salt and pepper (to taste)
flaked mackerel
lemon juice
spring onion/or chopped watercress
together with some herbs I have lying around (prefer dill)
Then before it goes into the oven I pour a drizzle of olive oil over the stuffing and then dot a far bit of plain cream cheese on the top so it's not too dried out.

Nobody like peppers except for me in this house so I treat myself to this when dh goes away and the kids are in bed- I love it anyway!

Pennies Mon 12-Jan-09 19:17:28

Sounds great - will make it this week! Thanks.

GypsyMoth Mon 12-Jan-09 19:18:14

i did stuffed peppers yesterday for the first time...but why did the green peppers taste bitter,when the red yellow and orange were lovely?

my daughter likes hers stuffed with couscous.

my friend uses the longer style peppers and lines them with the thin streaky bacon and grated mozzarella on top!

puppydetox Mon 12-Jan-09 19:19:42

life's too short... oh no hang on that's mushrooms

janeite Mon 12-Jan-09 21:09:35

DD1 likes them stuffed with Ainsley Harriet cous cous and a tin of chickpeas.

I like them with red onion, feta and lemon juice (especially the long skinny red ones).

A few weeks ago I fried onions, mushrooms and garlic, stirred this into mashed feta and used to stuff the peppers, which was very nice.

Green peppers are rather bitter and unpleasant imho.

I also cook rice with veggies and spices, use this to stuff red peppers and then serve with a tomato and red onion sauce.

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