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Any good recipe for a sauce for stir fry veg please?

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Wintersun Sun 28-Dec-08 18:43:23

I have a packet of stir fry veg which needed to be used by 26th Dec (but looks fine to me) so needs to be used today.

I have prawns in the freezer, garlic, ginger and general store cupboard stuff.

Can anyone give me a sauce recipe asap please?


QueenFeeUntoUsAChildIsBorn Sun 28-Dec-08 22:01:18

If its not too late I have a good receipe for sweet and sour sauce.

Wintersun Sun 28-Dec-08 22:55:18

That would have been lovely but I ended up making a sweet chilli type one up. It was quite good surprisingly!

Would love to have a home made sweet and sour recipe for future though smile

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