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Meal Planners! A Question about School Lunches

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FrockHorror Tue 21-Oct-08 17:28:59

I had a brief go at meal planning and have to say I was reallly impressed at the variety of meals we have been eating lately. Now DD is at school and getting fed up of sandwhiches, I was wondering if you meal planned for your DC's school lunches too and if so, what kinds of things do you plan for?

DLI Tue 21-Oct-08 17:52:29

i have a very similar problem as my ds wont eat fruit and veg at the moment so for school his lunches are not healthy at all but we make sure his evening meals are

one day he has a sausage roll or pasty with a yoghurt and a biscuit, another he has cheese toasties, a yoghurt and a packet of fruit flakes which he thinks are sweets!! i do sandwhiches another day, and pasta with sauce another day, i tried pitta breads instead of slices of bread but he wasnt into that, i sometimes do mini sausages, chicken nuggets, onion rings, mini sausage rolls, crisps, i find things that that are a bite or two go down a lot easier than larger items (ds is nearly five, also i do bread pizza, a ciabatta cut in half topped with tomato puree, herbs, cheese and hamn or whatever. it is hard trying to find savoury things as ds is so picky but i plan each week so he doesnt have the same thing twice in a week!

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