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Cornflake cakes

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sacha3taylor Mon 28-Feb-05 21:00:16

I want to make about 10 small chocolate cornflake cakes. Does anyone know how much chocolate to use?

sacha3taylor Mon 28-Feb-05 21:17:19

BUMP : I know this is really boaring but DD really wants to make them and i havn't got many cornflakes! Don't really want a sloppy mess

LGJ Mon 28-Feb-05 21:19:51

Not entirely sure, start by melting the chocolate square by square in a bowl until you think you have enough IYKWIM

toomanypushchairs Mon 28-Feb-05 21:22:59

If you put them in the fridge when you've made them the chocolate will re-set anyway so if you think you've used too much they will just be really chocolatey they won't be sloppy

milliways Mon 28-Feb-05 21:23:25

This is cut from a cadbury website:

Cornflake Cakes

Made and loved by people of all ages, this must be one of the recipes most often made at home. No chocolate cookery book would be complete without it.

100 g bar of Cadbury Bournville chocolate
50 g (2 oz) butter or margarine
20 ml (1 tablespoon) golden syrup
20 ml (1 tablespoon) Cadbury drinking chocolate
125 g (4 oz) cornflakes or other cereal
about 15 paper cake cases

Break up the chocolate and melt it with the fat, syrup and drinking chocolate in a fairly large pan over a gentle heat, or in a bowl in a microwave on DEFROST for 2 minutes.

Stir until smooth, then stir in the cereals, using a mixture if you have some to use up. Coat well to cover completely in chocolate then spoon the mixture into the paper cases, arranged on a tray. Press the mixture together so that it will stick. Chill in a refrigerator.

Makes about 15

sacha3taylor Mon 28-Feb-05 21:34:21

Thanks thats great

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