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Are Yorkshire Puddings meant to look like Fairy Cakes???

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leesmum Sun 28-Sep-08 13:48:53

Cos mine do! I have tried making them a few times and even though they taste lovely i want them to have a dip in the middlegrin Where am i going wrong? i use equal quantities of eggs, milk and flour, a pinch of salt and make sure the oil/fat is

Can anyone help? Thanks.

bellavita Sun 28-Sep-08 14:17:57

4oz plain flour
1/2 pint milk
3 eggs

Wack it all into a dish, whisk.

They come out looking fab - recipe alla Jamie Oliver

leesmum Sun 28-Sep-08 14:30:41

Thanks bella i'll try that, maybe the extra egg is where i'm going wrong?

Nbg Sun 28-Sep-08 14:33:58

Now I make the best YP's and I am from Yorkshire grin

I do 100g of plain flour, 2 eggs, 1/4 pint of milk, mix till it sounds like galloping horses grin, heat oil, pour into dishes v quickly and put back into the oven.

Never fails.

leesmum Sun 28-Sep-08 14:48:37

I'm writing that down now Nbg along with Bella's recipie, i'm not doing a roast today but will defo try both these and see what happens.....i'm determined to nail this!!!

misdee Sun 28-Sep-08 14:50:09

i do the JO ones as well.

remember the oil has to be v v vv hot, and oven whacked right up. mine go in the oven whilst meat is resting and i'm serving up everything else.

purpleflower Sun 28-Sep-08 14:51:42

I use the equal amounts and it never fails.

leesmum Sun 28-Sep-08 14:54:40

BTW do you ladies make the batter up in advance and put it in the fridge? does this make any difference? Thanks

bellavita Sun 28-Sep-08 15:00:49

I have made mine up in advance today, but have also made it up just before I use it as well - I don't think it makes any difference.

It is the heat and the oil/fat that is key.

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