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How do I stuff chicken breatss

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crystaltips Fri 18-Feb-05 21:43:32

Not that more to add rally ?!?

crystaltips Sat 19-Feb-05 16:29:49

Bump ... I have tried and tried - but the stuffing ( roasted peppers and cheese ) keeps on oozing out and then burning on the baking tray.
Is the a failsafe way of doing this .... pleeeeese

MarsLady Sat 19-Feb-05 16:30:56

you need those non burning cocktail sticks to hold them together.

Snugs Sat 19-Feb-05 16:31:14

Either you aren't making the pocket big enough, or you are stuffing too much stuffing!

You could always try skewering the chicken breasts with cocktail sticks to hold them back together.

iota Sat 19-Feb-05 16:31:18

wrap them in foil
or wrap them on parma ham

noddyholder Sat 19-Feb-05 16:31:27

Could you keep it closed with little skewers or toothpicks?

Snugs Sat 19-Feb-05 16:31:57

x - posts with Marslady.

soak the cocktail sticks in water for about half an hour before you use them, that does the trick.

MarsLady Sat 19-Feb-05 16:32:13

You could try asking here

marthamoo Sat 19-Feb-05 16:32:40

Wrapping them in bacon will help - but I think some oozage is inevitable. Don't have oven temp. too high - then the oozage won't burn (about Gas Mark 5... is that 180 degrees?)

MarsLady Sat 19-Feb-05 16:33:15

aaahhh.... that explains the non burning part

Prufrock Sun 20-Feb-05 17:01:04

I bash chicken breasts (between 2 pieces of clingfilm) to wafer thin, then wrap them around the stuffing, then wrap the whole thing in foil to cook it - keeps it juicy

crystaltips Sun 20-Feb-05 18:11:45

Thanks you lot - I'm off to try !

Twiglett Sun 20-Feb-05 18:13:50

I do what prufock does .. the leaking stuffing kind of mixes with the chicken juice to become a sauce

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