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help, dd who does not like fruit or veg!

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yingers74 Thu 17-Feb-05 09:05:52

Hello, don't really know what to do! My dd is nearly two now and does not like fruit or veg. She eats lots of dried fruit and the odd grape or clemetine, but otherwise refuses all fruit no matter how many times i offer it or eat it with her or as a family! When i get really desperate I give her a fruit smoothie. She is also not keen on vegetables unless i hide it as a sauce or within the food like a lasagne. Basically does anyone have any tips? Or recipes which hide veggies well?

fredly Thu 17-Feb-05 14:57:43

How do you cook your veggies ? personnally I'm not too keen on green beans myself but cooked in a homemade tomato sauce (takes 15mn, honest) with mushrooms and a hint of time I love them ! There are lots of ways to accomodate veggies to make them more appealing. And at 2 she can have roughly the same diet as you. For fruit, have you tried pureeing them and mixing them with yogourt or just on their own. My dd is only 5mths old and she loves pureed apple+pear with cinnamon !

Twiglett Thu 17-Feb-05 15:10:39

what does she like eating?

why is there a problem if she eats them when you hide them?

fruit smoothies are great

Surfermum Thu 17-Feb-05 15:31:55

Have you tried tinned fruit? My dd is 21m and doesn't seem to like fresh fruit, but will snarf (top mn word) down stewed apple and kiwi, stewed pear, tinned mandarins and the other day had tinned papaya. She also loves the Innocent smoothies from Asda. I'll add custard to banana or tinned pineapple or yoghurt to some raspberries and she'll eat those.

She'll eat peas but anything other than that will have to be disguised. She'll snarf down a casserole, so I just make them for her with all sorts of veg added. I find cheese sauce and mash/gravy are good for disguising veg.

pepsi Thu 17-Feb-05 16:12:54

My dh and I play a game with ds4 and dd2, we put the veg on our plate and then one of us pretends to look away at a bird out of the window or drops something on the floor and the other says quick eat mummys peas while shes not looking. I then look up and notice the missing peas and play the "whose been eating my peas game", they laugh, then we do it again and they eat a bit of also shows us that they can eat veg, its a choice of theirs that they dont. Also take a bowl of chopped up fruit with you when you do the bath, I find mine will happily be spoon fed stuff in the bath that they wont eat at the table!

lapsedrunner Thu 17-Feb-05 16:19:43

ds2.5 only eats apples & bananas. Doesn't eat any "obvious" veg. I Do try to hide it doesn't always work. He eats pretty well otherwise so I can't get too worked up about it.

JiminyCricket Thu 17-Feb-05 19:17:51

My dd likes coleslaw (homemade) I just grate a bit of onion, carrot and cabbage and mix with mayo..but then she is strange. Grated carrot with grated cheese in sandwiches is a winner too (and good diet tip I found on mumsnet!) She likes her broccoli really mushy (funny, she never used to eat it and then one day she ate her main meal and me and dh decided to ignore that she wasn't eating her veggies and started talking to each other, when we looked round she had tried some and was wolfing it down, now she loves it). Apple crumble? Blueberries (pureed into natural yoghurt is good, but v expensive). Good luck, but don't worry too much, I'm sure she'll do fine on what she does get.

yingers74 Thu 17-Feb-05 20:37:21

I have basically cooked every recipy in those karmel and amanda grant books, I also give her everything me and dh eat and she eats with us most days but still no luck on veggies. Used to puree fruits and put in her yoghurt but she somehow cottoned on! and won't touch them on their own!

sufermum, dd is a lot like your dd in the fact she's not keen on fresh fruit but will happily eat dried raisins, papaya, apple, banana, peach, apricots, dates, prunes and figs!! Tried tinned and stewed fruit, she tried it but refused.

I guess I will have to perservere and hope for a breakthrough.

twiglett - she eats basically things like fish pie, lasagne, any pasta type dish, sausages and most potato dishes and of course bread and bagels basically she likes italian! And she loves plain rice.

will try the grated carrot sarnies!

the thing about hiding veggies is that I can't put much in as if she finds some, she refuses to eat anymore.

It is hard sometimes but I imagine having a smootie each days won't do her any harm.

MarsLady Thu 17-Feb-05 20:42:42

blend it down and blend again that's the trick with hiding veggies. Works well in tomato sauces.

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