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Veg & meat boxes - which is best?

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annaje Mon 04-Aug-08 15:41:30

I'm want to start getting an organic meat and veg box and am looking for recommendations on who is the best?

I was wondering if this might be a good way to meal plan better too!

StormInanEcup Tue 05-Aug-08 11:21:07

Message withdrawn

JillJ72 Tue 05-Aug-08 14:15:12

We use Rivernene (spin-off from Riverford, Devon), they cover middle England. They also have spin-offs covering further North and Kent. Used them for 3 years now with veg boxes or "pick and mix" veg/fruit. They've just started doing meat boxes.

annaje Tue 05-Aug-08 16:55:26

Thanks - I've been looking at Riverford and they seem to deliver here in Kent - I can't seem to find anyone more local than that and they appear to have a good reputation. The veg boxes seem good value for money - just not so sure about the meat....?

I thought it would be good for meal planning - and for trying to get the DS's to eat more veg (not to mention less supermarket shopping!)

sarah293 Tue 05-Aug-08 16:58:56

Message withdrawn

JillJ72 Tue 05-Aug-08 20:58:27

Just checking the FAQs, and a new site should be opening in Kent soon, there is one already in Hampshire, so the veg isn't necessarily travelling up from Devon. Ours comes from the Peterborough area and I love seeing the soil as I wash it off the carrots and potatoes - gorgeous colour.

The meat does look expensive... maybe come Christmas we shall splash out a bit!

It's worth paying a trip to the farms as well. I think Riverford's more set up for visitors, Rivernene has summer festivals and pumpkin days, plus trips round the fields (all have to be booked in advance, and are advertised on their site).

annaje Wed 06-Aug-08 08:17:28

Thanks for all your responses - seems like Riverford is worth a shot for the veg - but will stick to my local farm with its own butchers for the meat.

NickiSue Wed 06-Aug-08 08:37:05

Slightly different but I gave my local small grocer a list of what I wanted weekly. She gets it fresh etc from the supplier on the Thursday morning and delivers it mid-afternoon. She rings me if there are any specials or if theres something missing so I can substitue something else. Also, I ring her on a Wednesday if I have anything left so want to drop an item etc.

Its very cost effective, Im supporting my local grocer and is great for meal planning. I don't get purely organic produce, but I could if I wanted to.

JillJ72 Thu 07-Aug-08 19:05:55

That sounds like a great idea, NickiSue!

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