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How much will 20g dry weight pasta weigh when it's cooked.

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ThatBigGermanPrison Thu 24-Jul-08 16:32:07

It's a WW related Q

Hannah81 Thu 24-Jul-08 16:33:26

Sorry I don't know, but 20g isn't much.
Good luck though, hope it's going well.

ThatBigGermanPrison Thu 24-Jul-08 16:39:49

Oh, I know, I usually measure myself 80g which is 4 points, but I want to know how much it would weigh cooked so I can shove it all in the same pan and weigh it as I serve it!

ThatBigGermanPrison Thu 24-Jul-08 16:40:16

it is going well, I've lost 28lb so far (since january!)

TigerFeet Thu 24-Jul-08 16:42:53

Well done TBGP (nice name change grin) that's fab - wish I had your staying power!

Pasta usually expands by about 2.5 I think - that's roughly what we go with in the factory I work for (making pasta salads amongst other things)anyway

Hannah81 Thu 24-Jul-08 16:43:53

oh well done!
i tend to do SW - i lost almost 5stone before i concieved DS2, he's 11weeks old now so i should do something! I just have about 2stone to lose to get back to where i want to be. I'm off out on the bike later first time since i was pregnant! wish me luck! lol

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