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exciting recipes for the freezer before I have a baby and forget how to cook...

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kookiegoddess Mon 21-Jul-08 19:33:36

I'd like some tasty recipes that freeze well. I am very good about doing all the usual things but wondered if anyone had any unusual suggestions. Baby due beginning Oct so I'm having fun planning food now whilst I can.

THings I'll be making:
spag bol
lasagne - veg and meat
chilli con carne
chicken pie
fish pie
various soups, mostly minestrone

vonsudenfed Mon 21-Jul-08 19:42:37

Dd was due November, and I cooked tons for the freezer too (the only form my nesting instinct took - it certainly didn't run to cleaning).

I made some nice stews too - lamb shanks and chickpea,
lamb and olive, pork in cider, beef etc - then DH just had to cook some veg to go with. Also shepherds pie.

Other things could also be tagines, curries, meatballs in sauce, sausage casserole...

woodstock3 Sat 26-Jul-08 21:30:24

best not to make chilli things or hot curries if you plan to breastfeed, some babies react badly
i filled the freezer before we had ds and while i did appreciate all the stews, stirfries, meatballs, pies etc what i really craved while b'feeding was stodgy sweet things. if you knock up some fruit crumbles and a bread and butter pudding or two now you will not regret it. shove some icecream in the freezer too. wink

BBBee Sat 26-Jul-08 21:32:22

I don;t know - have never got the hang of freezers but hope everything goes great - you will thank your planning ahead! (I ate loads of boiled eggs adn sandwiches post natatlly!!!!!!!!!!!!)

jenpet Sat 26-Jul-08 21:37:22

kookiegoddess I am due at the beginning of Sept and have been doing exacly the same thing and am also running out of well as dishes on your list I have steak & mushroom pies, meat and seafood moussakas, crab cakes, few quiches and plenty of "things to go with" like cauliflower cheese & spicy red cabbage to go with a roast dinner. I've also written clear instructions on what to do on all the freezer bags for DH. I realise this sounds very fussy and ridiculous, but I so wished I'd done more when I had DS...

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