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lactose free formula milk in cartons ?

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bagpussmice Sat 05-Feb-05 19:45:29

have researched archived threads and found someone mentioned SMA and lactose free milk - does anyone know if they produce this in cartons and where I can buy from???

Amanda3266 Sat 05-Feb-05 19:51:37

Hi there,

I used this a couple of times after my DS had a dreadful tummy upset. I never found it in cartons. Got mine in Boots - a tin cost about the same as a standard sized normal tin of formula but was half the size.


jibberjabber Sat 05-Feb-05 19:59:59

My DS had to go through several different brands and has a special hypoallergenic formula now. Unfortunately there aren't any in cartons to my knowledge.

I always had the required bottles filled with water then measured the powder separately in a little holder, when I had to feed I just mixed up fresh. we've always been very active and he was rarely fed at home for all feeds. I just got used to the 'inconvenince of it and it seems like normal to me now

bagpussmice Sat 05-Feb-05 20:04:13

Thanks for your replies... Is the SMa one available on the shelf or do you have to order it over the counter?
My dd2 is 16 months and when at home drinks goats milk which she seems happier with, however, cartons are handy if out for the day.. I guess, like you say jibberjabber, you kind of get used to it... I could just take the powder out with me and mix with water (does it mix well with cold water, or do you need warm??)...

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