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Threw this together for tea tonight....everyone wolfed it down!

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JumpingDizzy Tue 15-Jul-08 18:36:59

As there's a credit crunch I've been cutting corners although I'm thrifty with food/clothes etc... anyway.
So tonight I decided to do this for dinner to see if the kids would eat it?

Bacon, pepper and tomato with pasta.

1 onion chopped
200g bacon lardons
3 budget peppers (any colour)chopped
3 vine tomatoes chopped
I tin budget toms
tablespoon or so of oil
black pepper
4 garlic cloves or to taste
300g or however much you fancy of spaghetti/pasta

Put water on to boil for pasta.Brown onion and lardons in a wok.Add peppers brown couple of minutes, add chopped vine tomatoes, garlic and black pepper, brown a minute, add tinned toms. Bring to simmer and let it simmer as you cook pasta. Drain pasta and stir into bacon mix. I cut ds2's up a bit and he ate it all no problem. I didn't add salt as there's salt in the bacon plus you can add extra if adult. You could substitute bacon for anything else...sausages etc?

JumpingDizzy Tue 15-Jul-08 18:38:03

Forgot to add came to under £3 and made enough for 4 to 6 depending on portions.

SqueakyPop Tue 15-Jul-08 18:39:27

Sounds yummy. I use lardons a lot - am making pasta carbonara right now.

I don't find them particularly cheap though from Sainsbury's/Tesco. I tend to stock up when I go to Costco.

JumpingDizzy Tue 15-Jul-08 18:45:07

I think they were 1.19 from asda? I was going to use pancetta but noticed them and they had less fat on.

I'll be using them more often. Am trying carbonara next as kids will love that too I'm sure smile My friend gave me a recipe the other night and I hadn't realised you put an egg in it?

GreatAuntieWurly Tue 15-Jul-08 18:48:05

I make something very similar but put mushrooms in instead of peppers. Quick and yummy

JumpingDizzy Tue 15-Jul-08 18:49:31

I love mushrooms too and dss are starting to like them so will try that thanks.

SqueakyPop Tue 15-Jul-08 19:08:59

JD, carbonara is very easy.

Fry the bacon bits unti they are well cooked and add some cream. Heat to slightly thicken the cream. Beat an egg and add enough parmesan to make a soft paste. Add the egg/cheese to hot, cooked pasta and let it 'cook' for a minute. Then add the cream mixture and you are done.

JumpingDizzy Tue 15-Jul-08 19:26:38

oh that does sound very easy. Much easier than she said thanks.

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