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Where does one buy chicken stock cubes with no MSG in???

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MilaMae Sat 28-Jun-08 21:33:24

Every brand I've picked up lately has it in, there must be an MSG brand out there somewhere!!!!!

whatdayisit Sat 28-Jun-08 21:36:38

Do the organic ones have MSG?

WendyWeber Sat 28-Jun-08 21:37:20

Try Kallo - they do an organic and/or no salt version (or they do for the veg cube which would do as a sub for chicken I think?)

Will try to find you a link, hang on a sec...

WendyWeber Sat 28-Jun-08 21:38:26

Kallo organic low salt veg

WendyWeber Sat 28-Jun-08 21:39:12

kallo organic chicken

MilaMae Sat 28-Jun-08 21:40:58

Wouldn't have thought so,used to buy the Kallo organic ones but forgotten where from.

I'm sure the non-organic ones were MSG free until very recently because I would never have bought them if they were. Have looked at Oxo,Knorr,funny brands in Lidl and Aldi-all got MSG in.

MilaMae Sat 28-Jun-08 21:41:42

Oh thanks Wendy crossed posts,where do you get yours from????

SofiaAmes Sat 28-Jun-08 21:42:22

In general, low sodium things do not have msg in them. So if you can't find the Kallo, look in the Low Sodium section.

WendyWeber Sat 28-Jun-08 21:43:56

We have Booths supermarkets locally & I get them from there, but if you look up the "shop availability" on my link it says all the big ones (except Morrisons) sell them.

Good luck! smile

MilaMae Sat 28-Jun-08 21:45:50


Jess81 Fri 11-Jul-08 07:07:32

The Kallo ones have yeast extract in them which is MSG.

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