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Need Advise Just Started Weaning!!!

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Skmoo Mon 03-Jan-05 23:19:50

Just started weaning my 4 month DH today on baby rice. He loved it but I am a bit confused. The books say to give him one/two teaspoons of baby rice. Does that mean one teaspoon of baby rice mixture or all the mixture that is made up of 1 teaspoon of baby rice and milk. Hope this makes sense . My other question is the books say to start him with solids mid morning and only once. Can I give him some in the eveining before bedtime. The little man is always so hungry these days. Hope this thread makes sense. Im sooo confused. Just want to get it right

Fran1 Tue 04-Jan-05 00:00:17

Remember babies don't actually study these books prior to being born, so don't take them too literally.

1 tsp of rice and milk to start with and let him lead the way.

I don't see any reason not to give it as last feed except for looking out for allergic reactions as he would then be sleep soon after.

JulieF Tue 04-Jan-05 21:00:01

The reason you should give a new food mid morning is becasue if they have a reaction to it, they won't be up screaming with tummy ache all night. Once you have determined he is OK woth something then there is no reason not to give it in the evening.

Just one more thing occurs to me however. Could your ds be going through a growth spurt? At 4 months it is better to give more milk than babyrice as the milk contains far more calories. Giving too much babyrice at this age may mean he wakes more in the night. Growth spurts are common at 4 months and then again at 5 months.

Most babies don't really need weaning until around 6 months of age.

ZoeBristol Tue 04-Jan-05 21:09:32

I started weaning at 4 months in the mid morning then after afew weeks at 4.30 let your baby lead the way she is now 5 months and has 3 solid meals a day plus around 24 oz of milk. My son ate like a mad man from 4 months loved his solids. I have this time followed Gina Ford !!! crazy I know but with alittle flexibility it does work. Apple pear and cinnimon is a great hit and so is parsnip and pear try alittle each week building it up. My DS still eats like a horse at 2.5

Skmoo Tue 04-Jan-05 23:10:47

Thanks everyone for your words of wisdom and obvious experience. BTW I meant I'd started weaning DS and not DH OOPS!!! Gave baby rice to the little man again this morning and he loved it.

Fran1 Tue 04-Jan-05 23:48:48

lol hadn't even noticed that one!

Skmoo Fri 14-Jan-05 13:48:33

This child is going to eat us out of house and home by the time he's one. He is so hungry. He is now on baby rice 3 times a day!! and he still drinks all his milk. Going to give him proper food tomorrow. Do I add the purees Ive made (sweet potatoe, carrot etc with baby rice and his milk or should I give them to him pure. Also any views on dessert jars (HIPP organic)??

Catflap Sat 15-Jan-05 22:14:42

Hi there skmoo - I'm quite new here and have been busy on the education section but visited here as have been weaning DD for 2 months and wanted to se what was going with others' LOs.

I started veg purees with a bit of baby rice and milk just so the taste wasn't such a drastic change. Now I mix a couple of purees together and always with potato to bulk it out with carbs. Current favourite is a mixture of sweet potato, butternut squash, broccoli and lentils.

I still give pear mixed with baby rice - a definite fave!

I have been thinking long and hard about where to move next with weaning as have taken it easy so far... and shall be reading more on here for thoughts - but have come to conclusion we can take it where we want and how we want, basically. Good to have ideas, though. Have fun!

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