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cold turkey for a faddy eater?

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arizona Sun 29-Sep-02 12:04:37

My ds (aged 4) has a limited diet and I'm desperate to broaden his horizons a bit. He"ll eat toast, marmite, rice crispies, fish fingers, potato waffles, fromage frais, apples, bananas, tinned spaghetti, and lots of milk and that's just about it, every day. He's happy, healthy and growing but I just wish he would try new things(he refuses point blank.) Does anyone have any advice? Has the cold turkey approach worked for anyone?

clucks Sun 29-Sep-02 13:36:16

Mine is the same. He'll eat scrambled eggs but refuse boiled eggs etc.

We have been forced to cold turkey because he's a habitual hunger striker but with a much greater resolve than me.

It may work for you but ours just stops altogether and the stress isn't worth it for me. If he's growing well I'd stick with the familiar and sneak in the odd healthy veg(horror of horrors). One trick my mum plays is grating carrots finely into his rice or something so there's a red tinge without it looking too carroty, if you see what I mean.

SoupDragon Sun 29-Sep-02 17:32:41

My sneaky tricks include spreading pureed carrot on pizzas and covering with extra cheese. You might be able to sneak some into the tinned spaghetti. Of course, this doesn't solve the basic problem of not trying anything new. DS1s favourite phrase is "I don't like it" without having tried it. Sigh.

Your son's diet doesn't sound too bad - it's got some fresh fruit in it at least! Try to make sure the toast is wholemeal I guess. My 2 only eat veggies if they're hidden and fruit if it's mixed in with Fromage frais/yoghurt.

If anyone has any magic answers, I'll be pleased to hear them!

Scatterbrain Sun 29-Sep-02 19:27:57

My dd has recently started demanding tomato ketchup with everything - then she'll eat virtually anything !

At first I thought this was bad but then read that ketchup has some good health effects (I forget what now being a Scatterbrain !)

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