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'Poor man's Pesto'

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Thisusernameistakenagain Thu 24-Dec-20 15:34:31

...As I call it.

Standard packet of spinach
One clove garlic(or more depending on taste).
1/3 can of white beans, butter beans or peeled chickpeas
Small handful sunflower seeds
Basil to taste (optional)
Splash of lemon juice or water (depends if you like citrusy taste).

Blend garlic and lemon juice/water until garlic is crushed up.
Add rest of ingredients, beans sparingly bit at a time depending on how thick/runny you want the texture. Can be used as a pasta sauce or dip.

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Pomegranatemolasses Thu 24-Dec-20 17:53:02

Sounds delicious - and nothing 'poor' about it. I would rename and let it bask in its own glory!

Georgyporky Thu 24-Dec-20 18:15:10

Definitely re-name the recipe !

Certainly not for poor people - I'd need a kitchen maid to peel chickpeas.

Thisusernameistakenagain Thu 24-Dec-20 23:07:18

grin I find it delicious and very moreish-maybe I should rename it! I called it this just because, well spinach is a lot cheaper than basil and a lot easier to source in large amounts smile

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PurpleDaisies Thu 24-Dec-20 23:09:26


My version is made with carrot tops which would otherwise go on the compost heap.

helloxhristmas Thu 24-Dec-20 23:11:37

Nice but not a 'poor' persons recipe.

FamilyOfAliens Thu 24-Dec-20 23:11:42

Mine isn’t poor but only has four ingredients - blanched Cavolo Nero, toasted pine nuts, Parmesan and extra virgin olive oil.

More of a sauce really and it’s bloody lovely.

NannyR Thu 24-Dec-20 23:12:02

I make a similar pesto with a bag of spinach, rocket and watercress salad leaves and I use walnuts instead of the pine nuts.

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