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Work lunches no fridge?

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SC10 Thu 03-Sep-20 12:08:46

We aren't allowed to use the communal fridge at work now so can anyone suggest lunches to take that would be nice when not refrigerated for a few hours?

I took some buttered malt loaf yesterday but like my butter to be 'cold/hard' in a sandwich etc and by lunchtime the butter had gone quite runny, so don't want to take Marmite/peanut butter sandwiches now which I had thought of doing as they would have been safe to eat after being out of the fridge for a few hours.

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SpaceOP Thu 03-Sep-20 12:10:52

Get an insulated lunch box and pop a small ice pack in it.

NannyR Thu 03-Sep-20 12:12:01

What about taking your food in an insulated lunch bag with a small ice pack? Should stay at fridge temp for a couple of hours.

Madvixen Thu 03-Sep-20 12:13:07

Make your sandwiches in advance and freeze them. They will defrost at work but the butter will still be cold.

GreyishDays Thu 03-Sep-20 12:14:17

I think most things would be safe, but if you prefer them cold you need a cold pack in an insulated lunchbox.

Would a salad be ok for you at room temperature? I used to do a nice panzanella or a couscous salad.

SC10 Thu 03-Sep-20 12:30:15

Thank you so much for all your suggestions, I really appreciate it.

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VimFuego101 Thu 03-Sep-20 13:00:13

Thermos flask with soup/pasta?

itbemay1 Thu 03-Sep-20 13:16:18

Same here! I take leftovers to zap in microwave

SC10 Thu 03-Sep-20 13:38:55

We are not allowed to use the microwave either now, the staff room is completely closed.

Thank you everyone for your great suggestions, I am looking online now for a small insulated bag to fit inside my work bag for commuting, and will also buy a thermos to take soup in Winter.

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Wheytaminute Thu 03-Sep-20 19:38:50

I was also going to suggest a small insulated lunch bag.

Should keep your stuff cool enough for a few hours.

SC10 Thu 03-Sep-20 19:52:50

Thank you Wheytaminute.

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