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Come Dine with Me Style Meal Suggestions

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AnythingConsidered Sun 30-Aug-20 12:08:46

Hi all,

Friends & I have a Come Dine Me With Me Style dinner party rota. Covid put paid to the original schedule, but we are planning to be back up & running soon & it is my turn next.

Any ideas for 3 simple, easy to make dishes I can do, with a £50 max food budget? 6 people total

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Ironmanrocks Sun 30-Aug-20 12:24:41

Well first of all, are there any dietary restrictions? What have you been served previously? No point us suggesting prawn starter and lobster main if someone is vegan/allergic to shell fish....I love thinking of this kind of thing though!! Also what timings will you have for preparation? An hour after work or all afternoon? Makes a massive difference. 😊

Ricekrispie22 Sun 30-Aug-20 18:21:22

Starter - pittas with a feta dip

Chicken tagine for mains because it can be made ahead and flavours improve with time. Couscous is also easy to prepare ahead of time - it can be served cold and doesn’t go dry or overcook like rice or pasta.

Pudding - yogurt, honey and pistachio cheesecake made the day before
Or raspberry and pistachio meringues served with cream whipped with a little bit of rosewater

tabulahrasa Sun 30-Aug-20 18:30:27

We played in my house during lockdown

DD made breadcrumbed cheese with salsa, Cajun pasta and a mocha pudding pudding with ice cream

DP made baked halloumi in brioche rolls, korma and rice and Eve’s pudding

DS made garlic bread with cheese, burritos and carrot cake ice cream sandwich

I made homity pies with caramelised onions, mini tuna fish cakes with Cajun fries and Louisiana remoulade and biscoff cheesecake

Dunno if that helps any, lol, but it was fun till I got marked down because apparently DS doesn’t like cheesecake hmm I will add, mine was the only meal where all 3 courses came out properly cooked!!! And I didn’t win angry lol

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