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What interesting but more importantly healthy things can I cook with two salmon fillets?

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BrightShinySun Tue 25-Sep-07 20:53:08

Hi, I just wondered if anyone knew of any interesting things I could do with the salmon fillets I bought for tea tomorrow. I've just started a diet so they need to be healthy!

Haven't cooked salmon before, was thinking of steaming it? Any ideas!

Skyler Tue 25-Sep-07 20:55:06

Steaming will be yummy. It is quite oily so I keep it simple usually with boiled new potatoes and peas / brocolli and lemon juice squirted on. Nice marinaded with lemon and capers and griddled too.

Skyler Tue 25-Sep-07 20:56:06

Or grilled with pesto and breadcrumbs on top....but not so healthy that way...

chocolateshoes Tue 25-Sep-07 20:56:36

How about Puy lentils - add carrot & a stick of celery when you boil them. Drain them & stir fry with some garlic & chopped sun-dried toms. Just bake your slamon wrapped in foil with some lemon juice & chopped root ginger. About 20 mins.


roast salmon with green beens (already blanched in microwave) & cherry toms. Put them all in dish drizzle with olive oil, 1 clove garlic chopped & some anchovy fillets. Needs about 20 mins in med/hot oven.

BrightShinySun Tue 25-Sep-07 20:58:05

Mmmm....Thanks for the quick response, sounds good! Just what I was looking for!

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