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Masa Harina (tortilla flour)

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rainbowwelly Tue 28-Apr-20 17:39:57

Does anybody know a good place I can order this online? It's sky rocketed on Amazon (£5 for a kg with £10 postage. hmm). Usual suspects involve quite a bit of spending on postage. Ocado is out. Holland & Barett is out.

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handbagsatdawn33 Tue 28-Apr-20 17:59:13
Based in Luton, don't know their postage charges.

myrtleWilson Tue 28-Apr-20 18:07:42

I would have said mexgrocer (they have free delivery for orders over £35) or souschef - souschef delivery is from £3.99 if you wanted to do an order of world foods and fall in love with bento boxes not speaking from experience at all, no siree

rainbowwelly Tue 28-Apr-20 18:46:02

Thanks! I've had a cart full of random stuff at sous chef for a while now but the p&p keeps putting me off. Mexgrocer is looking a bit thin on the ground stock wise but I'll have another mosey.

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