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Healthy no-oat smoothies

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TiddleTaddleTat Mon 27-Apr-20 19:57:06

I'm recovering from suspected covid over a month ago and am still feeling very fatigued.

I've just dug the Nutribullet blender (Aldi version) out of storage and planning to make some energising smoothies to keep up my energy levels.

I'm a coeliac so can no longer have oats. Any suggestions for ultra healthy additions I could make to pack in loads of nutrients?

So far I've thought of..
Cacao nibs
Frozen berries
Almond or soya milk


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LeGrandBleu Mon 27-Apr-20 21:32:40

I have this one several morning per week, delicious, super healthy and it gives the skin a fantastic glow

TiddleTaddleTat Mon 27-Apr-20 22:48:54

Greens ! Good idea.

Didn't know that about whole flaxseeds being better for blending - will get some.

Can't believe how much of that blender was green!! I bet it makes you feel amazing though.

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Ricekrispie22 Tue 28-Apr-20 07:57:37

Nut butters
Greek yogurt
Chia seeds
Ground almonds

Peanut butter and banana
Strawberry, banana and almond

TiddleTaddleTat Tue 28-Apr-20 09:04:48

I've never tried nut butters in a smoothie but I love them! Will give that a go.
Made one this morning with stuff I already had -
Mixed frozen berries
Half a banana
Hemp seeds (hulled)
Almond milk

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Bloomburger Tue 28-Apr-20 09:15:10

Buy the nuggets of frozen spinach and chuck a couple in to each of your smoothies, really good way of getting the greens in.

TiddleTaddleTat Tue 28-Apr-20 11:57:18

I have some frozen spinach ! Are they nutritious like fresh though? Don't have any fresh greens at the minute, though growing what I can

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CaroleFuckinBaskin Tue 28-Apr-20 12:40:26

I make a smoothie every morning with a nutri bullet - they don't taste the best but as I have one every day I'm worried about making them too sweet. They also look horrid... I'm used to it now though and they are really filling and I genuinely do feel so much better these days!

I usually do a bit of a variation but featuring:

Kale - I would never get through a whole bag before it goes off plus it would work out expensive, so I buy a bag and just put that in the freezer. I also sometimes do it with spinach. I do buy the spinach blocks for cooking but I'm worried they might ruin the blender?

Some carrot

A banana

Some other frozen fruit, berries, bit of mango, pineapple, kiwi, but not too much.

Cashew nuts - I have a kid in my class with a peanut allergy so I'm worried about using peanut butter but when Im not working I put in peanut butter and I think it's nicer.

Chia seeds or flaxseeds or both sometimes!


Usually looks like brown sludge depending on what i put in, but full of goodness!

As an aside, I thought the woman in that video was Lulu, she is so like her!

TiddleTaddleTat Wed 29-Apr-20 17:56:49

Tried this today:
3 balls frozen spinach
Frozen pineapple
Hemp seeds

Was deeelish!

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