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Best oil to fry with?

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Frangipanini Wed 22-Apr-20 09:49:32

Been using Extra Virgin Olive oil for years as still hanging off the advice from back then that it is healthiest. I also occasionally use Coconut Oil.

We don't fry a lot. It is mostly frying onion and garlic or just using a tablespoon. Olive oil is really expensive and it is not the nest to have on a high heat apparently.

Which oil is best for frying whilst being healthy-ish.

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handbagsatdawn33 Wed 22-Apr-20 11:20:44

Extra virgin & virgin is wasted for frying.
For Med. type dishes I use cheap olive oil,
for Chinese groundnut,
for general purpose I use Rape seed - often labelled as "vegetable"

Blondie1984 Wed 22-Apr-20 14:10:28

I use Rapeseed oil

Hagisonthehill Wed 22-Apr-20 14:15:27

Rapeseed here too.
Then I have very nice virgin olive oil for drizzling,dressings or just dipping for bread.

affor Wed 22-Apr-20 14:22:48

EXtra virgin oil is for dressings and dipping! Normal olive oil for frying

Frangipanini Wed 22-Apr-20 14:39:08

Also, whilst I am here. I just found a small bottle of truffle oil in my cupboard.

What does one do with this?

Thx for your recommendations everyone.

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CtrlU Wed 22-Apr-20 14:40:53

I use vegetable oil and mix with a tiny bit of olive oil if I need it for taste but usually just vegetable or sunflower oil

Not sure wether it’s the healthier option - but like you said; coconut oil and olive oil has a low burning point so it can be annoying sometimes.

CtrlU Wed 22-Apr-20 14:41:21

For Asian foods and stir fry’s I use sesame oil

joystir59 Wed 22-Apr-20 14:44:03

Sunflower or vegetable oil. What's wrong with them?

senua Wed 22-Apr-20 14:46:57

I use EVOO only as a raw ingredient, in salad dressings etc.
I cook with the cheapie olive oil.
Unless it's eggs then it's half OO and half butter. Yum.grin

handbagsatdawn33 Wed 22-Apr-20 16:43:56

Add truffle oil sparingly to dishes containing mushrooms - gives a wonderful flavour.

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