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Crustless quiche

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Nquartz Mon 13-Apr-20 08:10:12

Hi all, I found a recipe for crustless quiche Lorraine on BBC good food which uses cream. Would it be ok to substitute it for milk? I don't have cream and we're not expecting to go shopping for a few more days but I have eggs which need using up


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notnowlater Mon 13-Apr-20 08:16:05

Yes it will be fine, just less rich. I would also use less milk than the recipe states for cream.

Or you could leave out the milk/cream altogether and just call it a frittata!

moobar Mon 13-Apr-20 08:17:05

Yeah absolutely.

I often make what I suppose is a frittata but in the oven like a quiche.

I grease the Pyrex dish. Chuck in contents of fridge. Add whisked eggs with milk and herbs. Bake in oven. Nice with leftover potatoes in it as well.

Nquartz Mon 13-Apr-20 08:45:10

Thanks, I'll use milk but go easy on it

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