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Vegetarian Tray Bake ideas needed?

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 08-Mar-20 17:58:17

We love this Aloo Gobi recipe
Potato hash

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 08-Mar-20 17:53:54

Cauliflower, chunks of carrot, chunks of red onion, curry spices. Serve with rice and minted yoghurt.

The Green Roasting Tin has an amazing recipe for gado gado potatoes.

Mysterian Sun 08-Mar-20 17:53:30

Baked beans!

Chop garlic fine, and onion and peppers into bite sized bits. Fry til softer. Stick in tray and add tins of chopped tomatoes, pasata, and a selection of tinned pulses. Add herbs and spices. I go for lots of paprika. Cook until cooked.

8by8 Sun 08-Mar-20 17:51:41

Cubed butternut squash, red peppers, yellow peppers, courgette, mozzarella, bit of oil, some herbs or garlic.

Potato slices, broccoli florets, broad beans, cheddar melting on the top.

Carrots, butter beans, celery, parsley, breadcrumbs and cheddar on top if wanted.

ByAppointmentTo Sun 08-Mar-20 17:42:05

Yes, I second the Green Roasting Tin. It's a fantastic cookbook and everything is made in just the one tin.

woodencoffeetable Sun 08-Mar-20 17:39:59

potatoes, green beans, cherry toms, olive oil, garlic, onion, courgette

sleepismysuperpower1 Sun 08-Mar-20 17:37:22

veggie sausage tray bake (link to recipe), I usually have it with a fried egg on top as suggested

wheresmyliveship Sun 08-Mar-20 17:36:27

Longer term solution - buy the green roasting tin. Brilliant recipes that do exactly this!

glitterbiscuits Sun 08-Mar-20 17:34:08

What can I put in the oven and ignore?
Preferably not pasta.
Mediterranean veg and Haloumi is all I can come with.

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