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JoyceJames Thu 26-Dec-19 14:42:11

I'm just roasting rib of beef. 9lb. Do I cover in foil for most of the cooking time or not?

Thank you!

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SantaBeckett Thu 26-Dec-19 14:48:22

I have never coked a rib of beef but with all the meat I cook I cover it in foil for about 3/4 of the cooking time then uncover for the last 1/4 ish of cooking time

Tip - put a few slices of mushroom or tomato on the (any ) meat to stop the foil sticking to it .

I hope this bump gets you some more useful help smile

JoyceJames Thu 26-Dec-19 15:53:06

Thanks. I've actually left it off, so I might go and put it back!

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SantaBeckett Thu 26-Dec-19 17:58:42

How has it turned out?
If you need a official tester PM me and will come round and taste it for you , all in the name of science you understand wink

JoyceJames Fri 27-Dec-19 11:41:16


It turned out fine, despite foil mostly left off. There was a load of extra removable fat just sitting on top to baste it, though.

And not undercooked, or burned. I suppose these things aren't an exact science.

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