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Oops! Is this a disaster or not?

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ahagwearsapointySantahat Fri 20-Dec-19 08:14:13

I made this cake yesterday (while rather tired) for a kids' party:

It seemed to work fine, but I realised this morning that I have NO memory of adding the 2 eggs blush and am fairly sure I didn't!

However - the cakes (2 layers) both rose and baked fine, look normal (except one came apart a tiny bit when I took it out of the tin, but can be stuck together with the buttercream I'm sure) and when we ate some of the stuck-to-the-tin bits they taste pretty much like normal and pretty OK, except maybe the texture is slightly different - a tiny bit drier/stickier than normal maybe?

So I'm wondering whether I can get away with it for the party, or need to start all over again! Any experience with this? Thanks!

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TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Fri 20-Dec-19 08:17:05

Yeah it'll be fine with enough butter cream, I thought the egg would only have added texture and moisture, sound yum!

Santasy Fri 20-Dec-19 08:20:59

The recipe does give an option for an egg free version where the eggs are replaced with Apple sauce so as above I would say your May be eggs/maybe not version will be perfect. Anyway, the buttercreamis the best part of the cake. Enjoy the party.

LizziesTwin Fri 20-Dec-19 08:22:20

Can you look in your food waste/compost heap for the eggshells?

WhereDoesThisToiletGo Fri 20-Dec-19 08:29:27

Doesn't sound too much like a disaster to me.
I was advised to always give disasters a name to imply "this is totally intentional which is why it doesn't taste /look like you expect".
Make it regional to add authenticity.
Over the years I have served Dorset Flat Cake, Catalan Salt Chicken and Kiwi Eton Mess (when the pavlova stuck to the baking sheet and broke into pieces)

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Fri 20-Dec-19 08:31:09

Dorset Flat Cake grin

ahagwearsapointySantahat Fri 20-Dec-19 09:05:51

Phew, sounds like maybe I can get away with it!

I have no shells and absolutely no memory of putting the eggs in, so am getting pretty certain they didn't go in - not quite sure how, as I checked the recipe several times to make sure I hadn't forgotten anything. I was definitely very tired though and already nearly messed up at the start, I was putting loads of butter in a saucepan and about to add chocolate and rather muzzily thinking "but I didn't buy chocolate! Why not?" before realising that was the start of making brownies, not chocolate cake which I was meant to be making! Luckily I hadn't done more than got a saucepan rather unnecessarily buttery... Might have to squeeze in a nap sometime today to avoid any more dopeyness!

Also I love your suggestions Toilet fgrinfgrin

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JoyceJames Fri 20-Dec-19 09:06:16

I made a sort of liquorice allsorts " summer fruit jam" with my woeful post bird infestation berry harvest.

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