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Guest who can eat no egg, dairy or gluten

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whethertheweather Mon 18-Nov-19 10:13:32

Having a big family do at the house over Christmas - not something I do often so I'm rather nervous.

One of the guests is on an exclusion diet for eczema and is off dairy, egg and gluten and I'm stuck for ideas for party food. Last time she was over I did a lasagna using appropriate free from products that covered her plus the other people with single intolerances, but I'd love not to have to repeat and to do something a bit more exciting than salads and cold meat (with non-meat for the veggies). It all feels so complicated!

Am I making a mountain out of a molehill?

PotteringAlong Mon 18-Nov-19 10:16:52

I think vegan is your friend here...!

nobeer Mon 18-Nov-19 10:18:01

Falafel might be ok, check the ingredients. Hummous and crudites. Chicken wings, or drumsticks (just don't coat them in flour). You could do a pasta salad with gluten free pasta.

Branleuse Mon 18-Nov-19 10:19:25

Chilli and rice?
Spaghetti bolognese with gluten free pasta,?

cushioncovers Mon 18-Nov-19 10:20:59

Can u ask the person what she would like you to prepare? She might have a few favourite dishes that she likes.

Branleuse Mon 18-Nov-19 10:21:20

Vegetable stew?
Jacket potato with beans , or tuna and vegan mayo?
Chilli on potato.

Roast dinner with no yorkshires and gluten free gravy?

Branleuse Mon 18-Nov-19 10:22:03

Stir fry and rice noodles

willloman Mon 18-Nov-19 10:24:52

Aubergine harissa recipe at BBC. Delicious.

SnackBadger Mon 18-Nov-19 10:32:37

Steak and chips
Mexican chicken with rice
Lamb kleftico with roasted potatoes or potatoes Boulanger
A roast (just buy gluten free gravy)
beef bourguignon Or coq au vin with mash (could do normal potato mash, sweet potato or celeriac)

Noflora Mon 18-Nov-19 11:41:29

Mexican food is my go-to in these circumstances if it is informal. Some or all of the following: Corn tortillas (check, many have added wheat) , refried beans, chilli or fajita chicken, sauted onion and peppers, shredded lettuce, guacomole, salsa, sour cream, grated cheese, rice and tamales.

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 18-Nov-19 13:23:52

Cod and pancetta tray bake or chicken and chorizo traybake, both all in one, meat or fish on tray with sweet potato wedges and Mediterranean veg. Could so some nice salads to have on the side.

Gingerkittykat Mon 18-Nov-19 13:30:40

Mousakka, making the sauce with soy milk and gluten free flour.

Tagine, the Hairy Bikers diet one is amazing.

whethertheweather Mon 18-Nov-19 13:35:33

Thanks so much - should have said it will be a buffet style thing as can't seat 20! I suppose I can do Chilli/tagine to have in bowls.

ShiningInTheDark Mon 18-Nov-19 14:06:35

Korean chilli beef in a bowl - it's fabulous and very easy

Kittykat150 Tue 19-Nov-19 18:16:17

I'm gluten free I've got celiac disease, there's loads of stuff available just gotta look round. If you search
'Gluten free on a shoestring' shes a good blogger and I think she's milk free too.
There are others
Gluten free living aswell.
Tesco's free from range has most products free from milk and eggs but you'll have to look.
Hope this helps

Purpleartichoke Tue 19-Nov-19 18:18:06

Saw mention of stir fry. Most soy sauce is not gluten free so be careful if you use that.

Purpleartichoke Tue 19-Nov-19 18:20:32

Oh and wanted to mention, if you do make a substitution for a common ingredient, like swapping out milk for a non-dairy alternative, or using something other than plain white flour, be sure to inform your other guests. They may have esoteric allergies. Nothing ruins a holiday faster than finding out someone swapped ingredients to make something “healthier”
Without warning the guests

Lealea2019 Tue 19-Nov-19 20:06:03

You can make a lasagne still just use the free from range at your supermarket and the dairy free milk and cheese - x

Lealea2019 Tue 19-Nov-19 20:07:10

Or you could do a moussaka - similar to a lasagne xx
Use all the free from dairy free ingredients

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