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Baking in an Aga

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PiratePetespajamas Fri 01-Nov-19 07:28:24

Can anyone tell me how to do this? I’m in a holiday rental with an aga and want to bake some biscuits. I’ve no idea how to do this! Do I just shove them in the hot oven and hope for the best?!

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Gatekeeper Fri 01-Nov-19 07:32:46

and google Mary Berry aga cooking as she cooks on one at home

gonewiththerain Fri 01-Nov-19 07:36:15

If the top oven is between 180 & 210 degrees yes just shove in top oven. They might not take as long to cook as a normal oven and there will be a hotter side to the oven so check part way through and turn the tray round if necessary.
You can use any recipe

exLtEveDallas Fri 01-Nov-19 07:37:29

How many ovens?

If it is a 4 oven you have one for roasting, one for baking, one for simmering and one for keeping warm.

If it's a 2 oven you have one for roasting and one for simmering.

If it's a 4, use the bottom right oven - it would be around gas Mark 4 or around 180 degrees.

If it's a 2 then I'd bung it in the top right (roasting) and keep checking. You should have a plain metal shelf that you can put above the biscuits to stop them browning too quickly.

Judgybitch Fri 01-Nov-19 07:38:45

Usually the hot oven will be around 180 or a bit hotter so it's easy to burn biscuits. The trick with ages is to use physical techniques.

Biscuits should be fine in the bottom of the top sitting on a grid, ideally with a metal sheet half way up the oven to shield somewhat. Failing this cover with some parchment paper if you think they are starting to burn but not fully cooked.

Basically top of the top is for roasting, bottom of the top for baking. Bottom oven is for simmering or very slow cooking.

PurBal Fri 01-Nov-19 07:39:48

If it is two oven, top shelf with a cold plate above it.

PiratePetespajamas Fri 01-Nov-19 07:56:55

Oh this is all fab, thank you! It’s a two oven and I see there’s both a “grill”/grid tray and also a plain metal sheet. Is that the “cold plate”?

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exLtEveDallas Fri 01-Nov-19 07:58:13

Yes, plain metal tray is cold sheet.

Irisloulou Fri 01-Nov-19 08:07:42

Don’t over cook them😀 if you leave them in the tray after taking out of the oven they continue to cook.

Have you an Aga recipe books?

PiratePetespajamas Fri 01-Nov-19 10:14:29

No I don’t have a recipe book. I was just going to make my ordinary iced biscuit recipe. Should I use one specifically for Agas?

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