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Guilty pleasure

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allymcbeals Wed 28-Aug-19 23:55:27

What's your food guilty pleasure and why?

Mine is a McDonald's sausage McMuffin....I know it's probably crap (not that I eat avocado toast daily hmm) but I literally become excited and aroused (foodie wise) by the smell and's just so delicious. Maybe it's because I can only get it now and again (I don't always have time/options) to get to McDonald's before 10.30 and every other junk food is almost 24/7 available

What's yours and why?

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wishing4sun Wed 28-Aug-19 23:59:14

KFC zinger tower burger and hot wings If takeout if not ham and cheese toastie with mustard. Mmmmmmmm

wishing4sun Thu 29-Aug-19 00:03:04

Why KFC I don't drive and they don't deliver so very rarely have them. Toastie because I always put way to much cheese in so have to resist.

Blondie1984 Thu 29-Aug-19 00:52:52

Condensed milk - ideally when boiled for a few hours and then cooled - eaten with a spoon

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