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Help duping a Pret soup - Veggie Tagine

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namechangedforanon Mon 05-Aug-19 13:25:02

Hey all ,

been trying to perfect a dupe for this but haven't nailed it yet.

Any recipes/suggestions ?

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maxelly Mon 05-Aug-19 13:58:30

What've you tried so far and how is it not right? If I was trying to recreate I would start by sweating onions and garlic, then add the spices (I usually put harissa in tagine but the spices on the website don't include it) - then fry off the vegetables. Add a good veggie stock and seasoning plus the buckwheat and pulses then simmer until it's all cooked. I'd finish with some lemon juice and seasonings. Does the soup not have any fruit in it (apricots etc?) - the sweet/spicy thing is a key element of tagine for me... perhaps try adding some sugar?

Blondie1984 Mon 05-Aug-19 23:38:11

So I would roast (and then de-seed & skin) the peppers and courgettes

Whilst that's happening I would sweat onion and garlic in a little oil then add the spices followed by the red lentils and buckwheat. I'd then add the tomatoes (i'm thinking canned) and chilli, plus the stock and simmer for about 10mins before adding the chickpeas (again assuming tinned) and roasted veg then continuing to cook. Just before the end I would season and add the lemon juice to taste.....

I might also consider blending half of the finished soup and stirring it back into the rest just so that it isn't too "bitty" and to intensify the flavour

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